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The Windows Script Encoder (screnc.exe) is a Microsoft tool which can be used to encode your scripts (i.e. JScript, ASP pages, VBScript). Yes: encode, not encrypt. The use of this tool is to be able to prevent people from looking at, or modifying, your scripts. Microsoft recommends using the Script Encoder to obfuscate your ASP pages, so in case your server is compromised the hacker would be unable to find out how your ASP applications work.

The Windows Script Decoder is a tool that I wrote which can be used to decode all scripts that have been encoded with the Windows Script Encoder.

Please note that this program was originally written to demonstrate the ease of a cryptoanalysis attack against a tool like the Windows Script Encoder. Nowadays, script encoding is used often to hide malicious scripting commands and the script decoder can be very useful to uncover the original code. Do not use this tool to violate copyright. That's not what it is meant for.

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